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Stay on top of accreditation while caring for patients and accelerating growth

Patient Management

Collect, organize, and catalog patient data for accreditation


Accreditation and reaccreditation management platform


Workflow-focused platform and complete prior authorization solution


Regulation management platform for streamlining regulatory alerts

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Reimagine Accreditation


An accreditation and reaccreditation management platform designed by pharmacists, for pharmacists.

Give your team their time back.

Accreditation is a lot of work. It’s difficult to take organization-wide standards and implement them across different departments, especially when there is more than one accreditation involved. The D2 team understands how daunting it is to stay on top of accreditation while caring for patients and accelerating growth - we've been there.

Simplified Accreditation Workflow

Only What You Need, All In One Place.

Designed by D2's team of healthcare leaders, the AccredComply platform creates accountability, clearly defines tasks, measures action, and keeps your business on top of accreditation - not buried underneath it. The AccredComply platform manages multiple accreditations within a single space, eliminating duplicate work and acting as your organization's guide through both first-time accreditation and reaccreditation.

accredcomply dashboard
global accreditation database
Global Database
The globally updated database stays up-to-date with current standards, new or updated interpretations and encompasses current audit and RFI feedback.
achieved accreditation
100% Successful Pass Rate
100% of all D2 partners who use AccredComply have successfully achieved their accreditation. Whether it's specialty, mail, or infusion pharmacy, we've got you covered.
cross referenced accreditation standards
Cross-Referenced Standards
Manage multiple accreditations with cross-referenced tasks simplifying what you need to do, making sure you only do it once, and storing it for you to use again later.
By Healthcare Experts, For Healthcare Experts

Our Expertise Is Your Peace of Mind

AccredComply is designed and supported by D2's team of accreditation experts. Loved by D2 partners across the industry, AccredComply exists because our team experienced the need for it first-hand. We believe accreditation and reaccreditation should be an opportunity to showcase your excellence without sacrificing what matters most: patient care.

400+ years of combined pharmacy experience
15+ average years of clinical experience per team member
team of pharmacy experts

Dare to reimagine your accreditation processes.

Key Features

Your Complete Accreditation Solution

  • Everything In One Place
  • Real-Time Visibility
  • Task Assignments
  • Documentation & Reporting
  • Simple Communication

Every Task, One Platform

Don’t spend weeks trying to find the latest version of documents, AccredComply keeps everything together with appropriate visibility across your organization.

Create Accountability and Transparency

Access real-time statuses and progress on tasks, documents, policies, and workstreams all from a simple dashboard.

Organize Tasks by Department and Owner

Your entire business can stay organized and accountable by knowing what tasks are due, who is responsible, and how complete your accreditation work is year over year.

If It Isn't Documented, It Didn’t Happen

AccredComply takes the work that happens on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis and auto-populates it into your meeting minutes. Instead of manually remembering what you’ve accomplished each quarter, AccredComply automatically documents it.

No More Searching Your Email

Communication, conversations, and updates all live within the AccredComply database. Request updates or make comments on any document, eliminating last-minute email hunts and trying to remember what action has been taken over the accreditation cycle.

$80k Savings in labor & productivity costs
60% less time spent on compliance and accreditation tasks
40% increase in audit and RFI scores
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