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Enhance product access, automate patient outreach, and improve patient care


Stay on top of accreditation while caring for patients and accelerating growth

Patient Management

Collect, organize, and catalog patient data for accreditation


Accreditation and reaccreditation management platform


Workflow-focused platform and complete prior authorization solution


Regulation management platform for streamlining regulatory alerts

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Reimagine Patient Engagement

UltraTouch® Engage

Revolutionary technology getting patients on therapy faster and keeping them on therapy longer.

Simplify the patient journey.

What if technology could revolutionize the way we engage with patients?

Traditional hub services and phone-based outreach programs simply aren’t enough. Of course, that’s having an impact on patients–and in turn on both manufacturers and pharmacies. Up to 50% of new specialty prescriptions are never filled. And for those that are, many don’t get past the second refill.

Preventing Never-Starts

Automate Your Patient Outreach

D2 Solutions developed UltraTouch Engage to bring manufacturers, providers, pharmacies and patients closer together, enhancing product access and resulting in better patient care. UltraTouch Engage offers automated, customizable patient outreach and onboarding that helps patients get therapy quicker, and keep them on therapy longer without sacrificing staff time and energy.

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accelerated patient onboarding
Accelerated Onboarding

QR-Code enrollment at first prescription and interactive digital outreaches support patients who would otherwise become never-starts.

digital outreaches
Patient-Centric Outreach

Bi-directional communication supports the capture of missing data by making it easy for the patient to pass along important details.

automate mundane tasks
Automated High-Volume Tasks

All report development and outreach can be automated and customized; reducing staff workload and keeping every detail organized.

Spanish Language Compatibility

Now Supporting Non-English Speaking Patients

As of February 2024, Engage is now fully equipped to support automated patient communication in multiple languages, beginning with Spanish. This enhancement enables our partners can help a broader spectrum of patients accelerate speed-to-therapy and stay on therapy in a manner that ensures maximum clinical value. 

+80% Increase in patient response
30% increase in patient capture
60% decrease in phone calls
29% decrease in therapy never-starts

Dare to reimagine your the way you engage with patients.

Technology Supporting the Patient Journey

The UltraTouch® Suite

Explore how D2's full suite of patient experience and compliance solutions could help your organization minimize risk, increase efficiency, and drive access.

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