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Enhance product access, automate patient outreach, and improve patient care


Stay on top of accreditation while caring for patients and accelerating growth

Patient Management

Collect, organize, and catalog patient data for accreditation


Accreditation and reaccreditation management platform


Workflow-focused platform and complete prior authorization solution


Regulation management platform for streamlining regulatory alerts

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See How D2 Can Partner With Your Healthcare Organization

Licensing, simplified.

An expert guide through the complex Board of Pharmacy licensing process so you can focus on what matters most: patient care.

Don't let licensing consume your organization.

Are you a pharmacy, wholesaler, manufacturer owner, or manager who is looking to get your business licensed? If so, you know that the process can be complex and time-consuming - and you're not alone.
team of licensing experts
License Consulting Solutions

Your Dedicated Licensing Partner

D2's team of experienced healthcare consultants has helped hundreds of pharmacies, manufacturers, and wholesalers across the country obtain their licenses. We've experienced first-hand the ins and outs of the licensing process and can work closely with you to ensure that every application is complete and error-free.
4000+ cross-referenced data fields managed; only provide what's needed
150+ Change of Ownerships successfully Completed
An Easier Approach to Licensing

Let Us Do the Heavy Lifting For You

D2 offers comprehensive licensing support to ensure your licensing is done right the first time. Our decades of licensing experience and trusted strategies offer your organization a peace of mind, freeing you to refocus your energy on patient care.
onsite support
In-Person Support
Our dedicated team becomes an extension of your own, traveling onsite to prepare all paper applications for mail.
pharmacist review
Pharmacist Review
Every application is reviewed by one of our in-house pharmacists, ensuring completeness and accuracy prior to submitting.
trusted processes
Efficiency meets accuracy
Our streamlined licensing processes are tried and trusted, ensuring you get your license quickly and easily.

Don't get your organization licensed alone.

Let us know about your organization's biggest licensing challenges and we'll embark on a personalized journey toward organizational success, together.
License Management Technology

Reimagine License Tracking

D2’s proprietary LicenseComply™ technology is a single-database platform that organizes, manages, and tracks licenses company-wide. By eliminating paperwork and customizing various user views, LicenseComply provides robust license storage, libraries, real-time visibility into status details.

licensecomply dashboard
d2 partner promise
The D2 Commitment

Our Partner Promise

We are more than just a vendor; we're a committed partner.

As a team of  seasoned clinical experts and healthcare industry leaders, we have experienced first-hand healthcare's most complex market access challenges. At D2, we forge partnerships founded on collaboration, innovative thinking, shared values, and an unwavering commitment to growth. With us, you don't just discover a solution; you gain a strategic growth partner.

D2 Insights

Never stop learning about how the industry is shifting; explore our insights and grow alongside us.