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Regulation management platform for streamlining regulatory alerts

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The right alerts, to the right people, every time.


The cutting-edge regulation management platform for streamlining regulatory alerts.

Are your confident in your compliance?

Monitoring organizational compliance is a high-pressure task.

Even with the best team, if your compliance process isn't air-tight, you're at risk. Hundreds of organizations are overwhelmed by regulatory tasks daily. If this is you, you're not alone.

Only Focus On What You Need To

Automate Your Alert Management

D2's RegComply™ is a cutting-edge regulation management platform designed to restore confidence in your organization's compliance.

RegComply is customizable and automates alert prioritization, ensuring that the right alerts reach the right people while documenting actions across the organization for quick audit preparedness.

regcomply dashboard
regulatory alerts
Receive alerts from the regulatory bodies that are the most important to your organization.
filtering regulatory alerts
Automated and customizable triage so every alert goes to the right person or department.
tracking regulatory alerts
Track every person who reviews an alert and how their action impacted the organization.
monitoring regulatory alerts
Monitor any upcoming legislation so you can strategize organizational change in advance.
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Stephen McGee, MBAChief Compliance Officer, SandsRX

"RegComply has been a game-changer for our team's daily operations.

Before using this tool, staying on top of regulatory updates was a constant challenge, often involving manual searches and sifting through a plethora of sources. Now, with RegComply, we receive automated notifications and summaries of regulatory changes relevant to our industry on a daily basis. RegComply allows us to quickly assess the impact of any updates and adapt our processes accordingly. The tool's user-friendly interface and customizable features have streamlined our workflow, saving us significant time and ensuring that we remain compliant with evolving regulations. Overall, RegComply has greatly improved our efficiency and confidence in navigating regulatory changes."

By Healthcare Experts, For Healthcare Experts

Our Expertise Is Your Peace of Mind

RegComply is supported by D2's team of regulatory experts. Having worked across various sectors such as infusion, long-term care, retail, mail order, and hospitals, our team offers a wealth of knowledge that can lift the burden of compliance off your shoulders. RegComply is loved by D2 partners across the industry because it has enabled them to re-focus their time on what matters most: patient care.
400+ years of combined pharmacy experience
15+ years of clinical experience per team member
team of pharmacists

Are you ready to streamline your regulatory alerts?

Key Features

Your Complete Regulatory Solution

  • Turnover-Proof
  • Task Documentation
  • Role-Based Permissions
  • Custom Alert Paths
  • Dashboard Reporting

Never Lose Your Data, Ever.

Employee turnover is inevitable - losing their hard work doesn't have to be. RegComply's centralized database solves for data loss with employee turnover, eliminating double work and giving managers their time back.

Every Task Documented With Auditors In Mind

Every step of an alert’s lifecycle is automatically tracked and documented across the organization. Alert documentation is downloadable in an audit-ready format at any time so it's easy to showcase your excellence.

Custom Access Across Your Organization

Executive portfolios and role-based authentication are available for larger organizations with have multiple divisions reporting on regulatory tasks. RegComply becomes an organization's single source of truth on all regulatory activity.

The Right Alerts To The Right People, Every Time.

Simplify complex operational burdens into manageable workflows. Custom, automated alert paths, and personalized priority labels ensure the right alerts are sent to the right people while saving everyone time.

Make It Easy To Showcase Your Excellence.

Detailed metrics and customized reporting optimize operational efficiency by making it simple to manage your team and demonstrate value.

2800+ Regulatory Alerts tracked last year
50% Decrease in time spent on alerts
$587k saved annually on compliance and legal costs
50% Decrease in risk potential
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