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Specialty Pharmacy Reaccreditation Process Drives Demand for D2 Consulting’s New Advisement Services

January 25, 2018 – St. Charles, MO. D2 Consulting, a leading life sciences consulting firm offering commercialization services to pharmaceutical, biotechnology and medical device manufacturers, today announced a new offering designed to help specialty pharmacies maintain their accreditations over time.

D2’s new “Constant Compliance” accreditation maintenance service helps specialty pharmacies remain in compliance by providing organizational-specific, monthly and/or quarterly engagement sessions with D2’s accreditation specialists.  As part of the service, D2’s team provides strategic reaccreditation guidance, process planning services and tactical data management programs to ensure the customer’s operations meet requirements for reaccreditation.

“Oftentimes we are called in at the end of the reaccreditation cycle to help the organization meet various requirements,” said Dean Erhardt, president of D2 Consulting. “This approach can work sometimes, but more and more we find that some accreditation standards have not been met, resulting in time-intensive, expensive corrective actions.  A more effective approach is to proactively maintain the accreditation requirements that then leads to a smoother reaccreditation process.  That’s why we are launching our Constant Compliance maintenance services.”

Accreditation has become increasingly important as payers and manufacturers require that the specialty pharmacies they work with meet best-in-class industry standards.  While many specialty pharmacies successfully gear-up for an initial accreditation process, reaccreditation has become increasingly challenging for most specialty pharmacies due to changing regulations along with staff’s inability to consistently focus on accreditation mandates.  Shelly Bailey, co-owner of Portland-based Central Pharmacy, recently faced a daunting challenge when her team needed help addressing requirements for an upcoming URAC reaccreditation.

“The URAC reaccreditation process can be overwhelming given the requirements,” said Bailey. “D2 was the ideal partner given their track record for successful accreditation reviews and ability to contribute expertise and drive cost-effective solutions at every stage of the reaccreditation process.”

In addition to its new Constant Compliance services, D2 offers an array of commercialization solutions for specialty pharmacies including distribution development, facilities build-out, IT planning, reimbursement strategies, sales training and fair market value assessments.


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January 31, 2018

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