Distribution & Commercialization

What We Do

Launching a new therapeutic product is challenging, expensive, and leaves no room for error. D2’s support is designed to ensure your strategy is optimized for commercial success from day one of market entry. We take a customized yet comprehensive approach to managing each phase of the distribution and commercialization process.

F E A T U R E D  S E R V I C E S
Distribution Strategies & Channel Management

US & EU Market Strategies ◍ Specialty Distributor & Pharmacy Selection ◍ Hub Services ◍ State Licensing 

3PL (Third Party Logistics)

3PL SelectionContracting & Negotiation ◍ Fair Market Value Assessement ◍ Implementation

Trade & Supply Chain Support

Market Preparation & Introduction ◍ Contracting & Negotiation ◍ Pricing Agency Support ◍ GPO & Trade Coverage

US/EU Market Overview & Distribution Strategy
  • Make better decisions through in-depth understanding of current market conditions
  • Create a plan for access to all critical sites, define actions to get there
3PL Support
  • FMV – helps educate team on commercial needs
  • Implementation support to serve as a basis for rules with customers (3PL is agent for client)
State Licensing / Specialty Distributor Selection
  • Licensing to ensure access to all site of care, regardless of geography & regulatory
  • Enhance access and influence over Specialty
Trade: Prepare, Introduce, Contract
  • Puts strategy into action, sets goals for trade
  • Warm welcome by trade, insights about trade partners
  • FMV, platform for access to all sites of care
Trade: Set up, Pricing Agencies, Ongoing Support
  • D2 can accelerate getting things accomplished
  • Aid with reimbursement
  • Lower cost than FTE
  • Market insights
Bob Glasgow, Senior VP - Supply Chain & Trade

“Patient Access: getting to the right sites of care, at the right time, and at the right cost is distribution’s primary goal.”

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