Our Clients

Emerging Companies

Emerging companies are faced with multiple challenges in taking their products from the clinical phase to commercialization. This process can be daunting and, often times, these organizations lack the experience, established business infrastructure and human resources to successfully commercialize their product(s). D2 brings strategic expertise and tactical support to ensure our clients execute a successful launch, in addition to providing post launch and ongoing support.

Established/Mature Companies

The ongoing evolution of the bio/pharma marketplace, as well as the increasing complexity of product portfolios and distribution models, require established/mature companies to continually assess and improve business processes. Increasingly, issues impacting pharmaceutical organizations, including Wall Street pressures, Patent expirations and R& D challenges, as well as market pressures such as government mandates (pedigree/state licensing), trading partners such as wholesalers, and third party payors mandates, are all converging on bio/pharma manufacturers. Our team’s broad base of knowledge ensures that our clients receive “best practice” advice in all phases of commercialization.

Other Clients

D2 has extensive experience for other entities that touch the pharma/biotech industries, such as specialty pharmacies, wholesale distributors, group purchasing organizations and others.

In addition, D2 works with a consulting consortium to provide solutions across the necessary disciplines to drive commercial results.

  • Regulatory
  • Compliance
  • HEOR
  • Pricing
  • Distribution
  • Patient Management
  • Reimbursement

Recent Success Stories

More About D2

Collaborating For Success

D2 works collaboratively with your team to properly position your product into the desired sales channels while at the same time working to ensure reimbursement success at the commercial and government payer levels. Our team provides trade/supply chain experts, pharmacists, managed care professionals, executive management and financial specialists at your disposal at a fraction of the cost of creating an internal structure.          

D2 brings the experience of launching over 300 pharmaceutical, biotech and medical device products while working collaboratively with hundreds of manufacturers, distributors and other industry stakeholders. This experience provides the insights needed to see clearly the opportunities, challenges and solutions that can be driven to ensure a successful commercial effort.

Experience You Can Count On

We believe that our combination of strategy development and tactical execution makes D2 a unique consulting partner. D2’s team has launched hundreds of products over the years and provides both the buyer (SP, PBM, Wholesaler, Retailer etc.), the Seller (manufacturer) perspective and the Reimbursement provider (Payer, PBM).

D2 is made up of experienced industry personnel from across a multitude of disciplines within the pharmaceutical, biotech and medical device arenas, including: Third Party Logistics (3PL), Wholesale, Retail, PBM, LTC, Hospital/IDN, Specialty/Infusion Pharmacy, Specialty Distribution, Mail Order, Manufacturer, and Payer including: Commercial, Government, GPO and Employer Groups.

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