Developing a World-Class 3PL Solution

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Developing a World-Class 3PL Solution

In a global economy, supply chain management and best of breed logistics are essential to success. Since inception, D2 has provided expertise and guidance in over 120 projects for 3PL Analysis, Selection, Review, and Implementation.  Our team of dedicated personnel has several decades of cumulative expertise working with 3PL’s, and our industry relationships and influence span the spectrum from startups to large pharma corporations, medical devices, digital health, and autologous drugs.  Our unique, proprietary, and proven process is tailored to your exact needs to ensure the final solution is optimized for your organization. Key components of our 3PL offering include:

    • Complete review of existing 3PL or in-house distribution processes, functions, and relationships.
    • Introduction and familiarization with current 3PL providers, including their capabilities and fee structures
    • Education to current “best practice” and industry trends
    • Customized and tailored RFI creation specific to your organization and product portfolio
    • Bid dissemination, detailed analysis, and side by side comparison for evaluation
    • Benchmarking to ensure fair market value for the services you are purchasing
    • Flexible implementation leadership and support continuing through launch / conversion

Whether reviewing your existing 3PL relationship, in-house distribution or shopping for a 3PL partner, D2 can provide you the insight and expertise to enable you to maximize your investment in 3PL services.By partnering with D2 your organization will:

  • Streamline and maximize the Order-to-Cash process
  • Understand, plan for, and minimize Gross-to-Net implications
  • Understand industry competitive pricing  
  • Gain access to turnkey relationships across the 3PL spectrum
  • Engage with a dedicated team of experts to guide you the entire journey
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