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D2 Consulting’s New Training Program Positions Specialty Pharmacies for Sales Success

March 12, 2018 – St. Charles, MO. D2 Consulting, ( a leading life sciences consulting firm offering commercialization services to pharmaceutical, biotechnology and medical device manufacturers, today announced a comprehensive sales training program designed to help specialty pharmacies build and maintain a world-class sales organization.

Unlike traditional retail pharmacies, specialty pharmacies focus on dispensing a class of therapies known as “specialty medications.”  Specialty medications are complex and difficult to access and therefore providers seek specialty pharmacy expertise and support services throughout the prescription authorization process. The specialty sales representative (rep) in combination with the specialty pharmacy is typically the first line of support for the provider.  This means, in addition to selling, the rep must possess advanced consultative marketplace and channel support skills to help the provider successfully process the requirements for a specialty prescription.

Today, more than 600 specialty pharmacies vigorously compete for specialty scripts, which typically produce higher revenues and better profit margins than traditional medications.  The quality of the pharmacies’ sales force is a significant market differentiator and organizations are beginning to invest in tools and training to elevate sales acumen and performance.

“Today, it’s not enough to have payer contracts and appropriate accreditations to become a successful specialty pharmacy,” said Dean Erhardt, president of D2 Consulting.  “The complex, competitive nature of filling a specialty script is also dependent on having the right sales team and support infrastructure in place.  The sales process for specialty medications is unique and most pharmacy managers are not prepared to identify, hire, train, support and evaluate a specialty sales rep.  Our new training programs show customers how to develop a sales organization that allows the pharmacy to own the prescription from transcription to fulfillment.”

D2’s Specialty Pharmacy Sales Training Program is designed to provide best practices in all stages of sales development. Based on an interactive consultative selling model, D2’s offering prepares the rep to partner with each customer to allow efficient prescription processing.  D2’s services can assist pharmacies with a variety of tasks – from hiring their first sales rep, to improving an existing team’s performance, to targeted skills enhancement for seasoned sales professionals.

D2’s curriculum utilizes a variety of instructional modalities including classroom learning, field-based feedback and one-on-one coaching. The highly versatile program can be tailored to align with an organizations’ immediate developmental needs, growth plan, and key business objectives.


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March 13, 2018

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